Paul J. Siegenthaler
Book front cover illustration of Perfect M&As - The Art of Business Integration
"This book is a first class reference source for delivering the business case of any merger or acquisition. Paul Siegenthaler's experience as a practicing manager in the field of international M&A is unrivalled. His insights and advice are invaluable. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone thinking about M&A as a route to growing business or improving public service efficiencies."
Professor Christopher Bones,
Dean, Henley Business School,
University of Reading

Are you truly ready for a
post M&A integration ?

Fact : 50 to 80% of mergers and acquisitions fail. This book goes straight to the root causes of most of those failures, and hones in on the specific elements which senior and middle managers can use or develop to deliver an orderly business integration, a smoother experience for the individuals in the organisation, and the realisation of the benefits which the initiators of the merger had promised to deliver.

What structure, resources, behaviour and interaction are key in shaping people’s minds, building acceptance of change, energizing teams, creating a sense of common purpose, blending two organisations into one and actually delivering the merger’s business case ?

This book will give you a tangible feel for the journey upon which you are about to embark, allowing you to check that the key elements discussed here are included in your integration plan and will be applied during its implementation.
"I very much enjoyed your book...there were some really great ideas in it."
Ben de Haldevang, Director Post Deal Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Singapore

"Any knowledgeable reader of your book will understand clearly that it is based on your solid experience as opposed to so many books related to management (and governance, for that matter) that are written by academics with little, if any, hands-on experience.

Also, most of the practices which you recommend in your book are fully applicable for CEOs and other senior executives to more effectively carry out their day to day management responsibilities whether or not a merger or acquisition is being pursued." - Fred Sneider, Power Corporation of Canada

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