Paul J. Siegenthaler
Paul J Siegenthaler has helped numerous merging or acquired companies to integrate successfully, and has driven major business transformation programmes across Western Europe and North America, ensuring they deliver the business case their shareholders had been promised.

Following a Masters degree in Economics from H.E.C. Lausanne and an MBA at London Business School, Paul spent the first 17 years of his career as Managing Director reshaping the companies acquired by an international group, before focusing solely on the business integration of broad scale international mergers and acquisitions, across a number industries.

Links to resources I value ...

The companies and organisations featured in this "Links" section were selected on the basis of their widespread excellent reputation and/or good experiences I have had in dealing with them. None of them have paid to appear here and the selection is subjective, based simply on the fact that I would feel very comfortable working with them again, or would trust them at face value on the basis of their already well established reputation.

The list may therefore change and grow over time as I come across other companies and organisations I feel make a real difference in delivering the business case of mergers or acquisition integrations.
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