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“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”
 Albert Einstein

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This section of the website is devoted to authors that have moved beyond theory and behavioural models to relate what actually happens in practice during post M&A integrations. I shall be glad to hear about other books which visitors to this website have found to be of interest and which are also based on the practical aspects of planning, organising and successfully driving an integration.

Before this short review of a selection of books, just a short mention of "Perfect M&As - The Art of Business Integration" which I wrote in 2009 after realising the extent to which most M&A failures were the consequence of a series of common mistakes and misconceptions which would have been easy to avoid, if only those in charge had known about them !

Further details and reviews of the book can be viewed by clicking on the book's illustration on the left.
Steering away from publications that give a purely theoretical or academic point of view on mergers and acquisitions – which we probably have all already studied in business school - I would recommend the following publications which also draw on real life case studies, observed behaviours and the more practical aspects of how to plan and implement a successful merger or acquisition. The comments shown here are those published by readers on Amazon.com
M&A Integration: How to Do it -
Planning and Delivering M&A Integration for Business Success
by Danny A. Davis (Hardcover - 7 Sep 2012)
Excellent book on M&A integration. It gets straight to the depth of the matter with very useful content. It covers all the stages of M&A and the implications for managers,with lots of useful tips, hints and checklists.
It's a book that really makes you think. Davis illuminates all those dark crevices of the M&A process - from the acquisition to the integration - that a lot of executives forget about or just hope will go away. Davis asks the awkward questions, having seen so many mergers and acquisitions at first hand.
Intelligent M&A: Navigating the Mergers and Acquisitions Minefield
by Scott Moeller (Hardcover - 29 Jun 2007)

The book is very practical in its approach and provides numerous examples of some recent M&A deal. These provides an extra dimension for the reader as it helps you to really understand why 'intelligence' is a key factor in the deal process both from the bidders perspective as well as from the party that being acquired.

The structure is logical and easy to follow. The case studies have been carefully selected to reaffirm relevant points. But they also make the points really clearly.
The Complete Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions:
Process Tools to Support M&A Integration at Every Level
by Mark Herndon (Hardcover - 19 Jun 2007)

Good practical approach to the human resource side of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) written by two expert hands on management consultants. The reader is given a logical justification as to why company's simply must get better at judging cultural issues in an M&A situation.

Creating Value Through Merger and Acquisitions:
The Challenges, an Integrated and International Perspective
by Prof Sudi Sudarsanam (Paperback - 3 Sep 2003)

The author is both extensive in his coverage of all aspects of M&A including citing real world examples and simple in his explanation of complex theories and behaviours. […]This book covers all topics associated with M&A arena and it will equip anyone with a good understanding about the theories, empirical practices and primary and secondary research outcomes.
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