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Driving change

Scepticism at Lenovo’s Appetite One month ago, on the subject of the Motorola acquisition of Motorola Mobility, I wrote “The payback on Lenovo’s investment to shoehorn itself into the Americas’ large and lucrative mobile market assumes that the magic that occurred with the ThinkPad® can be repeated with the Motorola brand.  Let’s watch this pace […] Read more

Two ways of looking at the same thing On 24th September, the world’s largest chip manufacturing equipment maker U.S. based Applied Materials (AMAT) announced its intention to merge with world number three Tokyo Electron, resulting in a company which will be twice the size of its next rival. AMAT’s executive chairman Mike Splinter commented on […] Read more

It is widespread knowledge that 50% to 80% of all mergers and acquisitions fail to deliver the benefits described in their business case, and a sign of blissful ignorance that so many companies continue to embark on major acquisitions or mergers whilst ill-prepared, confident that they will reach a successful outcome when in fact the […] Read more

Chalk and Cheese High Above the Clouds As a very frequent user of airline services, I have followed with interest the developments relating to the merger efforts of British Airways and Iberia under the umbrella of their common owner IAG (International Consolidated Airlines Group S.A.).  The alliance between one airline which has dragged itself up […] Read more